SportChain’s mission is to get people moving. We want more people to start exercising. More sports will lead to better health, more sports will generate more positivity. Sports will enhance discipline in people. Sports unite people. Sports has the power to bring together people. Sports will trigger motivation, the motivation we need to withstand the worldwide obesity epidemic. More sports will result in a better and more healthier world. And exactly because of this we want more people to move.


To get to this better world SportChain set itself the goal to make sports widely accessible and more affordable. For everybody, no matter if you are poor or rich, black yellow or white, tall or tiny sports should be within every person’s reach. Widely accessible doesn’t just mean a bigger offering of sports facilities. It also means better and more honest prices, less price increasing middlemen, less noise and distraction, easy access to sports in general. 


It will certainly not be easy. Obesity is the biggest epidemic of our times. There is an abundance of cheap unhealthy food and not enough sports opportunities. We are going to do our utmost to get these (and other) people moving. Easier and quicker. We want to create the biggest collection of sports facilities worldwide. By making sports facilities easier accessible, by giving people the right incentives, we feel it must be possible to get the world in motion. 


We are convinced we will succeed. With your help. As said already it won't be easy, it is going to be a long but fun journey and we want you to join our journey. We will make mistakes and correct them. We will listen to you, we will learn, we are open to feedback. SportChain will get the world in motion!






SportChain.com advertises your accommodation in more than 4 languages to sport travellers from around the world. At the end of 2018 we will be online with 10 languages.


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With a mixture of accommodations and sports facilities SportChain.com will be the biggest online database of sports destinations in the world.

Blockchain technology

To secure your and the customer’s safety we will use a blockchain technology. All signed contractual agreements will be protected safe for fraud, cybercrime and cancellations in a blockchain.

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